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POWERCHINA has a force of more than 20, 000 people involved in the development of wind power and solar energy, providing full-process technical services for new energy projects covering planning, design, safety appraisal, cost consulting, economical analysis, environmental impact assessment, design of environmental projects, labor safety and hygiene evaluation, resettlement planning and engineering, project consultation, evaluation and review, construction supervision, software development and tendering. POWERCHINA is an authorized technical consultant for administration of wind power and solar power generation projects in China.

Being an authorized technical organization for unified administration of wind power development in China, POWERCHINA is not only responsible for establishing and updating the technical standards for wind power industry and guiding the development and utilization of wind energy resources, but also responsible for technical guidance, quality supervision and check & acceptance of wind power construction works. We have organized preliminary studies of large wind farms in China and have established a data base for Chinese wind farms. We have prepared a Planning Report on Wind Farms in China, and the planning reports for at least 10 wind power bases of GW-class capacity and 9 large wind power bases of multimillion-kilowatt class capacity, which provides a good basis for the target of 200 million kilowatt wind power output by 2020. In addition, POWERCHINA has designed over 50 percent of the wind farm projects in China, and reviewed and examined most of the design reports for wind farm projects across China.

Application of new energy technologies

POWERCHINA has a good command of new energy development and environmental protection technologies including wind power, photovoltaic and photo-thermal power, biomass power generation, geothermal power generation, distributed energy resources, desulfurization and denitration, waste water and sewage treatment, and sea water desalination.

a) Wind and solar power storage

POWERCHINA’s wind and solar power storage has reached the international level and it has come up with a design of the Zhangbei national combined power generation demonstration project, a renewable energy project of the largest scale anywhere, which integrates wind power with photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, and power transmission.

New Energy Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation

The Phase One of the Zhangbei project, the largest wind/solar storage project in the world, involves 100MW of wind power, 40MW of solar power and 20MW of energy storage systems. It went into operation in 2011.

b) Biomass and garbage power generation

POWERCHINA has achieved a lot in straw power generation, biomass power generation, and waste incineration power generation and has great technical strengths in designing biomass power generation and waste incineration power generation.

New Energy Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation

Phase one of Cheng'an –I Straw Power Plant (1X30MW generator unit), insatalled with a 30MW generator unit, completed in 2007; Construction period: 1 year

New Energy Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation

Pudong Waste Incineration Plant: the Pudong Waste Incineration Plant, installed with 3X 30t/h preboilers and two 8.5MW generator units, went into operation in 2001. It was China's largest such plant at that time.

The Pudong Waste Incineration Plant, installed with 3X 30t/h preboilers and two 8.5MW generator units, went into operation in 2001. It was China’s largest such plant at that time.

c) Geothermal power

POWERCHINA is a leader in geothermal power generation technology across China.

New Energy Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation
Yangbajing Geothermal Power Plant

Yangbajing Geothermal Power Plant, seated at the highest altitude in the world and ranking the 1st in China, 18th in the world and 4th in Asia, has a total installed capacity of 24.18MW. The Phase one of the project involved one twin screw expander power generating unit with a 1MW twin screw expander and went into operation in 2009.