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POWERCHINA has 12 design institutes specializing in fossil-fuel power development and transmission and distribution, with over 6,000 professionals in planning, engineering investigation, design and technical consultation.T&D Planning, investigation, design and consultation

We provide technical services in those areas and have handled the planning, surveys and design work for projects with around 400,000 long lines of 220kV or higher and power transformation projects with a total capacity of 903,000 MVA,, accounting for 49 percent of China's total 220-kV or higher transmission lines (816,000 km) and 27.8 percent of its total power transformation capacity (3,247,000 MVA).

POWERCHINA has designed AC and DC (±500kV and ±800kV) power systems at different voltages, from 1100 kV and lower, and has set the pace in China in UHV AC and DC power transmission line design. In recent years, we have completed project design work for three 1,000-kV power transformer facilities, and technical consultation on 10 projects. For 1,000-kV transmission lines, we have done the design work on eight projects and technical consultation for 11. At the same time, we have provided consultation on 48 power transformation projects at 750 kV or higher and design work on 36, and we have done design work on 2,140 km of transmission lines. Our achievements include 14,880 km of 500-kV transmission lines, power transformation projects for 330 kV or lower, with a total capacity of 19,650 MVA, and 45,840 km of power lines at 330 kV or lower.

POWERCHINA services cover EPC and project supervision for many power projects.

1) UHV substation design

T&D Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation

The UHVAC Substation of the Jindongnan-Nanyang-Jingmen 1,000-kV UHVAC pilot project is now operating at the most-advanced, highest-voltage AC substation in the world. It went into operation in 2011.

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