POWERCHINA has a team of 130,000 people engaged in construction of hydropower and water conservation projects, more than 18,000 of whom have intermediate (or above) qualifications.

POWRECHINA is well equipped with sophisticated equipment, including several advanced 500-t crawler cranes, various vehicles for transportation, concreting machines, and machineries for power transmission and transformation. POWRECHINA has developed a 360-t crawler crane specifically for wind power construction, Wu's multi-functional combined lifting appliance and heavy-chassis vehicles. The equipment meets the needs of hundreds of large projects working simultaneously.

POWERCHINA has a world-class general construction capacity. Its 16 hydropower engineering construction bureaus and a foundation engineering construction bureau represent China's highest level of techniques in the fields of hydropower and water conservation.

POWERCHINA has mature technologies, powerful engineering construction capacity and rich experience in diversion and closure of big rivers, karst formations, construction of dams in soft foundations and flexible cut-off walls in deep overburdens, and foundation treatment and high slope stability approaches under complex geological conditions.

POWERCHINA has an annual capacity of 600 million m3 of earth and rock excavation, 30 million m3 of concrete placement, 20,000 MW of installation of turbine generators, 1 million tons of hydraulic metal structures fabrication, 5.08 million m3 of foundation treatment and grouting and 540, 000 m3 of cut-off wall construction.

POWERTCHINA has the world top level technology for construction of dam and reservoirs under complex landform, geological and hydraulic conditions, and has built or is building a considerable number of high dams, large or super-large hydropower stations, and water conservation projects. POWERTCHINA has advanced technology for installation of turbine generators, electromechanical equipment and metal structures and has completed installation of large-capacity and super-high-pressure equipment.

POWERCHINA also has advanced technology for construction of high dams in deep overburden and deep rock foundations under complex conditions, as well as technology for construction of deep underground diaphragm walls.

In addition, POWERCHINA has advanced technology for construction of super-large underground cavern work, reinforcement of high rock/earth slopes, gravel materials, dredging and hydraulic reclamation, airport runway work, and installation of hydraulic machinery.

1) Tunnel boring

POWERCHINA has built a great number of hydraulic tunnels and accumulated rich experience, especially in the use of advanced tunnel boring machines (TBM) and it can not only guarantee construction quality and speedy construction progress, but also ensure safe production.

Hydropower Construction

A TBM is ready for operation in the 1,500 MW (8 units) Sinclair Hydropower Station on the Coca River, in Ecuador, where POWERCHINA is FEPC contractor.

2) Foundation treatments

POWERCHINA uses an advanced hydraulic slot milling machine for foundation work on an underground diaphragm wall with a thickness of 0.8~1.5 m and depth of 30~150 m, and for loose soil mass, sludge, sand, gravel, pebble and rock with a compressive strength of 50~100 MPa, and sandy gravel and rock formations where the efficiency is higher when used with steel wire rope and a grab bucket.

a) A CBC25 hydraulic slot milling machine being used on a tunnel cut-off wall at the Sichuan Yele Hydropower Station, a project executed by the Foundation Engineering Construction Bureau.

Hydropower Construction

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